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Release notes for Odoo 13 

Let's now present to you the key features of this new release:

Sales Coupons & Promotions Module

It has become indispensable the promotions, discounts or loyalty programs at your store. In order to keep customers, come back to your store and remain loyal to your business, implementing these kinds of business tricks is very much necessary. Odoo has made it simple and easier to carry promotions and discounts at your stores.


Buy Now’ Button in Ecommerce

This was the most waited feature in Odoo and with the release of version Odoo 13, there comes finally the new ‘Buy Now’ button that straightly directs the users from product page to the Checkout page with product in the cart.

MRP Subcontracting

Odoo 13 has introduced all-new subcontracting for the Bill of Materials. Often the companies outsource their manufacturing say the manufacturing of certain parts of their product in order to achieve desired standards. This often helps the companies to get value-added materials for their products. Now with Odoo 13, the businesses can seamlessly carry this practice via subcontracting feature.


Skill Management Module

Odoo 13’s brand new Skill Management Module is an extended version of the Employee Module in Odoo. The management module envisions to enhance the workflow of employee management in a company. 


Website Form Builder

Earlier a module under Enterprise Edition now has become the part of Odoo Community from Odoo 13. The module doesn’t need much introduction, as it is very much deployed in the e-commerce business circles. The Website Form Builder is known for its user-friendly interface and easy management such as creating various website forms, contact forms and also gathering customer information.


Product Videos on Website

Odoo 13 offers it, users, an extensive feature- adding product videos onto the product pages in the Odoo website. This feature can be highly remarkable as it can help the users to present their product features in a better way. Visual representation of products can draw in more attention comparing to mere worded descriptions. Also, it can lead to a higher conversion rate on your website. Adding videos provide more explanations of your product and this will surely prompt customers to dig more on your website.

Inventory Forecast

The line chart displays the quantity vs time for different products in the inventory. One can simply look at the chart and understand the number of various products on any given date. Also, the users can be aware of the incoming and outgoing stock.


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